A Verdade Dói exhibition

17 March 2023

A Verdade Dói exhibition

On the 7th of March, the exhibition “A Verdade Dói” opened at the Cine-Teatro S. João, in Palmela.
This itinerant exhibition-installation at the Museu do Calçado gives voice to countless women who have seen their lives shattered by acts of violence. There are many and diverse deeply accepted acts of violence, such as genital mutilation or sex trafficking, which, due to social pressure, continue to be practiced. Often justified by cultural traditions, religious dogmas or established power relations, these are acts of violence against women that, in many cases, end up in tolerance and even impunity towards the aggressors.
The sharing of their stories, the darkest moments they lived and the experiences of overcoming them, thus serve as a warning and motivation so that these cases do not happen again, so that they are brought to justice and are not hidden under a cloud of shame and embarrassment. Truth hurts! Talking is reliving everything that happened, but it is also an act of courage and a first step in the healing process.
This exhibition is open from March 7 to 31, 2023, at the Cine-Teatro S. João, then passing through the Municipal Market of Pinhal Novo, between April 4 and May 4, 2023.
For more information see the website of the Municipality of Palmela.