Katharina Beilstein is a German visual artist who mixes, without constraints, sculpture and design.

In 2008, during her first year at the Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, realizing that her symbolic imagination evoked three-dimensional objects, she decided to dedicate serself to sculpture. In the following years, she studied with the sculptors Georg Herold and Thomas Grünfeld and experimented and tested different materials and techniques.

In 2017, after training with the master shoemaker Rolf Rainer, she began producing sculptural footwear using classic sculpture and footwear materials, such as linden wood and leather, which she contrasts with lacquered surfaces in vibrant colors and metallic elements inspired by futuristic. Her shoes, with a simple vamp, wide shape and square toecap, are easily identifiable due to their solid, angular platforms, which give them a very personal look.

Since 2012, she has participated in group exhibitions and artistic biennials in several German cities, but also in Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark. By exhibiting her sculptures among creators of fashion, illustration, painting, sculpture and jewellery, she presents herself in a privileged place, of proximity and sharing, with the most diverse creative areas.

With a very reserved personality, Katharina Beilstein lives and works in Düsseldorf.

“Katharina Beilstein: Moving Sculptures” is her first individual exhibition and, therefore, unprecedented.