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Solar Condes de Resende


October 21 to December 31, 2023

On October 21st, the Shoe Museum’s exhibition, "Babouches and Women", opened at Solar Condes de Resende, in Vila Nova de Gaia. This exhibition aims to launch a new alert for the increasing acts of violence imposed on women. Arab women by historically fundamentalist, patriarchal and sexist societies.

Curated by Renata Carneiro, the exhibition was presented to the public in 2013 and then toured in Portugal and France until 2016. In 2021, the Shoe Museum hosted this exhibition, part of the "Shoes that think" Project and, the following year, most of the works were donated and incorporated into our collection. In 2023 "Babouches and Women" begins a new path, that of a traveling exhibition.

An exhibition-installation that relaunches the invitation to reflection and discussion about the role of Women and their Rights in contemporary society.


[About the exhibition]

""Babouches and Women" arose from a desire to express a feeling towards women, more specifically, Arab women. Demonstrate their role in today’s society, their customs, their thoughts, free or not, the use of scarves or the burqa, served as a starting point for the creation of this collective project which, in this way, invites questioning and comparison of that with Western women.

Based on this principle, 19 Portuguese and Spanish women artists were invited, each with a particular point of view on the subject, to intervene on a pair of men’s babuchas, footwear used within a traditional Arab family and which, in this context, is intends for them to personify Man." | Renata Carneiro