Online Visit » Only the wearer knows were the shoes pinches

10 June 2021

Online Visit » Only the wearer knows were the shoes pinches

Thursday, June 10, 9:00 pm
Sunday, June 13th, 7pm

During this visit we sew out stories, travel between times, cross borders and continents. We walk unfinished memories and imagine the map that takes us to the future. Between what we are and what we would like to have been, between what we live and what awaits us, we mix our lives and our paths, until the day we all meet, here and now, without knowing what we will have for front.


Curated by Teatro da Didascália and staged by Sara Barros Leitão, this visit was designed for the Shoe Museum under the development of INTERFERENCES 1.0 project. It debuted on 18th May, within the scope of the International Museum Day.

It is the result of many interviews and conversations with people whose lives are or have been connected to footwear and to the generous and collective work of a group of participants who, without knowing each other, dedicated several hours of their personal time to reflect and create together. It is an artistic project that visualizes the stories, the memories and researches of each participant. (March-May 2021)

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