Museum services

The Shoe Museum, conceptually purposed for Industry, Fashion and Design, is an institution of permanent character, without lucrative purposes, endowed with an organizational structure which allows it to guarantee an unitary destiny to a set of cultural assets and value them with scientific, educational and recreational purposes, as well as provide regular access to the public, instigating the democratization of culture, promoting the person and the development of society.


Customer service

Customer service ensures the welcoming of visitors, provides information about the collections, service organization and functioning and registers the entries of the Museum’s visitors aiming towards a thorough knowledge of the public.  

Customer service is located at reception, where the shop is also located.


Educational service

The Educational service establishes the connection and communication with the public, contextualizing the visitors in space and time of shoe production, relying on sensorial and experimental approaches to the collections.

The Educational service organizes visits, cultural itineraries, thematic workshops, recreational and pedagogical activities, school projects and specific actions for groups with special needs.


Collection Management Service

The Collection Management Service is responsible for the preservation of the Museum’s collections, for the registration, listing and documentation of collections, for the study and interpretation of collections, for the gathering and analysis of the memories of old and current workers and all those who lived around this industry, for the management of collections and for the organization of temporary exhibitions or other events which imply the employment or manipulation of the items and collections. 


Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre is responsible for the preservation and enhancement of the Shoe Museum’s documentary collections, for the management and acquisition of specific documentation, for the provision of information and support to research and for the management and updating of the Museum’s database.