The Shoe Museum has a set of activities specifically prepared for groups. According to the characteristics of each group (age group and educational interests) we organize guided tours and educational workshops.

Find out about the different types of visits and workshops available at the Museum’s Educational Service.




Teachers may start with a preparation visit to the Museum. This visit intends to establish and define the teacher’s cultural and educational interests and adapt the contents of the visit to those interests. The Museum provides an educational binder to prepare the visit with your students and to lately explore contents and educational actions.

Preparation visits are free for the teacher and should be booked in advance.



The Shoe Museum cannot assume the duty of being in charge of the group. When planning a visit to the Museum, groups are advised to ensure that a competent person (for each 20 students) conducts a risk evaluation suited to the specific needs of the group.



The Museum’s Educational Service receives groups of students and teachers, booked in advance, and provides guidance by specialized monitors, who guide the visit according to the age group and school level of each group.

So that the visit is as successful as expected, it is necessary to keep a tight collaboration between the technicians from the Educational Service and the teachers, so we suggest a preparation tour to the Shoe Museum by the teacher first.

According to public and educational interests, we provide the following activities:

1. Visit - consists only of the guided tour to the permanent and/or temporary exhibition. This visit may be general or theme based (estimated time: 50 minutes)

2. Visit + workshop - consists of the tour to the permanent and/or temporary exhibition, followed by a previously selected workshop (estimated time: 90 minutes)



Aiming to attend to the great diversity of visitor’s needs and expectations, we conceived different educational programmes:

Programmes for school groups, specifically aimed at:

  • Preschool level, 1st, 2nd, 3rd basic education cycles, Secondary and University levels
  • Educators, teachers and trainers


Programmes to the general public, aimed at different ages and types of group:

  • Children from 3 to 5
  • Children and youngsters with specific educational needs (NEE)
  • Groups of teenagers and young adults
  • Families: parents, children, grandparents and grandchildren
  • Adults

For more information on the different school programmes contact the Educational Service at the number +351 256 004 006.



Coming soon.



The Educational Service develops a set of guided tours and activities aimed at a public with special needs, which explore the different senses through body expression workshops and by working on fine motor skills. The workshops resort to body expression, painting and sounds, leading the participants to discover and overcome their own limits. For more information contact the Museum’s Educational Service.