The Shoe Museum is open to the reception and care of your pair of shoes.

If you have objects associated to the shoe industry and you do not have a way to preserve them correctly, you may contact our team. Tell us the story of your object and the story of who used it and make this Museum your own, as well.

According to the Museum’s Purchasing Policy, we are available to receive objects as long as they allow to:

  • complement the currently existing collection;
  • enrich the collections with items that may improve knowledge of the shoe industry;
  • safeguard collections of patrimonial and cultural value which are in condition to demand treatment carried out by the Museum and that, cumulatively,  relate to the shoe industry.

On the sequence of any donation, the Shoe Museum is obliged to:

  • proceed to the incorporation, inventory and study of the collection received;
  • if necessary, proceed to preventive conservation actions, as well as to healing conservation intervention and restauration of the items received;
  • register, catalogue and document the collection;
  • interpret the objects, associating them to the significant memories collected from previous owners.

The incorporation, inventory and study of the collection does not require the Shoe Museum to integrate the donation neither in any permanent or long term exhibition, nor in temporary exhibitions, but it will be used when it is deemed necessary and in the most suitable way, as long as it fulfills scientific, cultural, educational and recreational purposes, and always considering the conservation issues of the items in question. Every support possible is expected from the donor (informative, documental, iconographic, or other) in the sense of facilitating the study and interpretation of the collection donated.

To make a donation, please contact the Collection Management Service by the telephone number +351 256 004 006 or via email